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MG Headquarters Italy

MG was established in Italy, the city of Fossano (CN) in 1959 with its main specialisation in manufacturing of industrial automation.  

In 1981 MG began the construction of plate bending machines and two years later concentrated its efforts and investments towards a quality production in the field of hydraulic plate bending machines; the original 5,382 sqf  of covered plant surface was extended to the present 107,639 sqf. 

Today MG is able to answer to almost any kind of demand on plate bending machines manufacturing, and is in condition to propose a large range of models with useful plate length from 20” mm to 28’ and bending thickness capacity from .040” up to 10-1/4”. 

The bending machines model MG and MH are the result of a continuous research and innovation in the product engineering and manufacturing, making use of components of the latest technology and innovative solutions. These models are designed and manufactured to obtain a bending capacity equal to 3 times the upper roll diameter with steel plates yield of 36,000.


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4 Simple Reasons:

-Our Goal

MG USA was established in 2009 to meet the high demand of MG machines as well as to react to the continuously growing need of quick responses and service in the North American market.

MG USA is an extended arm of MG and will provide the same quality service and unique range of machines with a forefront solution as its mother office in Fossano Italy. Its goal is to assist clients to develop their production to the highest level by offering them technical and innovative solutions and the best quality-price balance and service. 

MG USA presents production answers to the North American needs and offers plate rolling machines with a range from 20” to 28’ width, for thickness from .040” up to 10-1/4” cold rolling; section-bending machines for H beams up to 20”. It is the largest in the field and produces between 30 and 35 machines a month.

-Our Experience

My Name is Cary Marshall and I represent MG USA as the sales director. I have over 30 years of experience in the field of metal fabrication with broad experience in production and technical service as well as planning complete systems for the optimum processing of structural steel, plate, rebar and sheet metals. 

I have since 1995 had a very close relationship with MG; I have been selling their products for more than 14 years and have built an extensive knowledge of their entire production line as well as a deep respect for the ethical way MG has and still runs their business. I am proud to be part of the growing MG-team and look forward to the challenge of serving the fast-paced USA market with the same high-quality products and service MG has provided during the first 50 years of its existence.

-Competitive Pricing

*No Middlemen.  You are purchasing directly from the factory*!  MG USA’s goal is to offer products of highest quality to the best price. Our strategy shows that quality, effort and coherence lead to success and continuous technological development.

-After Sales Service

MG USA has an after-sale service capable to assist all the customers in finding the best and fastest solution to any problem or for their new production demands. A complete spare parts stock together with an efficient shipping department is capable to supply parts all over the world and place one of our qualified engineers anywhere needed within 48 hours. 

A professional dealer near you, as well as expert technicians is always ready to answer your queries by phone or via e-mail.